Saturday, November 6, 2010

4 Stories

I've been meaning to join in on Leigh-Ann's '4 Stories' for a while now.  For those of you who don't know what it is,  it's a once a week post where you tell 4 personal stories about the given topic.  This week's topic is: Hairdo's!

One.  Curly Sue.
When I was a little one, I had super-curly hair.  It was in tight little ringlets and extremely hard for my mother to brush.  And being little, I had the attention span of a gnat; I didn't want to sit still long enough for her to brush it, either.  Despite it being a pain in the rear for my mother, I was always getting compliments on how cute my hair/I was.  Well, my mom eventually grew way too tired to mess with it anymore, so she had it all cut off.  Which leads to number two...

Two.  The Boy Cut.
All of my curls, gone.  I now had the haircut of a boy, and I was miserable.  I remember not feeling like a pretty little girl anymore.  I felt like a little boy with an unfortunate bowl cut.  I was mad at my mom for having all of my pretty hair lopped off.  In kindergarten, a few of my classmates teased me about looking like a boy.  In tee-ball, I didn't get to sit with the girls and their long hair.  I spent the next few years growing it out,  but my curls were never the same.

Three.  Frizzball.
Fast-forward to middle school/beginning of high school.  A string of bad haircuts and improper thinning had left me with a semi-wavy, poofy, mess of a bird's nest on my head.  I hated my hair.  I had had long hair since elementary, and I wanted nothing more than a sassy short 'do.  But no.  My hairstylist told me I couldn't have short hair because my hair was too thick.  (Her method of thinning my hair was also to lift the top layer and make random cuts in the bottom layers. Sigh)  If I cut it short, it would become more poofy and frizzy than it already was.  When pulled up in a ponytail, I had a horse's mane.  I didn't have bangs, and it was all-over just awful.  That was, until I tried a new hairstylist!  She thought the other lady was nuts, properly thinned my hair, tamed it, and started it on the process to where it is today.  Dear Carla, my hair could not be more thankful for you.

Four.  I Actually Love My Hair!
So my new hairstylist properly thinned my hair, cut it into a cute little bob, and made me a happy camper.  Three years later, I can say that for the first time in my life, I adore my hair.  I now get my hair cut by Sean at Velvet Monkey Salons in Oklahoma City (if you're in the area, go there!  Seriously, the man works wonders.)  It's getting longer and longer by the day.  I can wear it wavy, straight, curly, up, down, in a bun, in a side-ponytail..however I want!  It may seem a little silly, but these are hair luxuries I didn't used to have.  Now I love my hair!

Join in on '4 Stories' here!
XO, Allie.


kristin elena. said...

hey i found my way over to your blog from freckled nest. your blog is so fun! oh and i see you are from lewisville? i live in dallas. we're practically neighbors. :]

Amber Rose said...

I think we're hair twins. No joke! :)

Alyssa said...

crazy! from all your pics i never would have guessed you had anything but super straight hair!!

{K} said...

I'm glad you love your hair now! My toddler has tons of curls too that are really hard to brush. I've been tempted too have her hair cut but I can't bring myself to do it.

Lane said...

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