Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Fashion Inspiration

I rarely post about clothes.  I love clothes, and I love putting together outfits and feeling pretty...but for some reason I just don't post about it much.  
So, for this post, I've decided to share some of my favorite looks for fall.  Enjoy!

There you have it - a few of the prettiest autumn fashions.  I can't wait until the weather cools down enough to start layering shirts and cardigans, wrapping my neck up in crocheted scarves, and wearing knee-high boots over my tights.
What are your favorite fall trends?

-Also, I opened my formspring back up!  You can find it here.  Feel free to ask anything you like!-

Hope you have a great night!
XOXO, Allie.


Amber Rose said...

I'm green with envy- for that coat!

I know, I know.

Katie said...

Those first boots and the green coat are both especially gorgeous! I can't wait to start wrapping up warm for autumn.

Meg said...

I am so excited for it to start cooling off so i can pull out my cardigans and boots and not feel silly wearing them. Have a lovely day!

Inari said...

There is an award for you in my blog!

Sweet T. said...

Boots with tights are my favorite right now! I think I need a fall shopping day soon. I have a little Needs list (tights, boots, cardigans, and at least one really awesome jacket/coat) It's getting pretty chili here!

Sweet T. said...

Can I just note, before I die of laughter, that when I wrote that, I was thinking about my lunch - veggie chili. I meant it's CHILLY here! Ha!

peppermint*tea said...

oh my word! fall is so exciting :D

Ashley said...

Haha! Chili! HAHAHA

sweater tights! I need sweater tight stat! Small girls get cold fast and we need thick tights!

Allie said...

Thank you all for your sweet, sweet comments!

And I'm going to check that award out right now, Inari! Muchas gracias!

The Cookie Button said...

Oh wow! That green coat is too lovely for words :D

Rachael Thomas said...

These are so cute! Love your blog!

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