Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hi!  How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?
Mine was wonderful!  I spent lots of time with Sean, which is lovely since we're so far apart during the week.  We took a bike ride, watched too many episodes of 'Bridezillas', and went on two successful thrifting trips!
Here are two of the goodies I found:
I've been searching for a little house shelf in every thrift store I've been in for a while.  I spotted this beauty across the store and made a beeline for it!  And we found the suitcase for $6!  It's in great shape, just a bit dirty.  Nothing some scrubbing won't take care of.  The inside is in PERFECT condition.  Not a single spot to be found!

As you can see, the house shelf was a little banged up, though.  It had this hideous red velvet backing that I immediately ripped off.  A few coats of spray paint later, and it's much lovelier. :)

I'm now on a hunt for more tiny knick-knacks and baubles to fill it with. C:
What did you do over the long weekend? :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!


Cherry Red Studio said...

sosososo cute! i love both of those and the little owls are so cute

Ashley said...

so cute!
My mom has like 6 of these shelves filled with everything you can think of... she is obsessed!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! Especially with the little owls :)

peppermint*tea said...

ahh so cute! that color on the wall is beautiful ^^

Tracie Tsuneya said...

I love thrift stores and junk shops. As for how to fill that house? Looks like owls and cats is the way to go.

AllieBee said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone!

I think I will fill my shelf with little owls and cats. ^_^

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