Sunday, May 30, 2010

7 Things Sunday!

Hello, hello!  I'm back for my 7 lovely things. :)

1.  Picnic baskets.  I found the loveliest vintage picnic basket not too long ago!  I'm excited for Sean and I to take it on a lovely Saturday picnic. :)
(found via WeIt.)

2. Gnomes!  I think Sean and I should be gnomes for Halloween, in fact.
(found via WeIt.)

3.  Vintage thermoses!
(found via WeIt.)

4.  Poppies!  They're my most favourite flower. ❤
(found via WeIt.)

5.  This vintage engagement photo shoot!  I only hope my engagement/wedding photos are as adorable. ❤
(found via Ruffled.)

6.  This quote is so beautiful.  I love having someone to be silly with every day.
(found via WeIt.)

7.  Cute jars full of buttons!

And that's all for today.  Sorry for the rather quick post! But it's time to watch 'Top Gun' with the boyfriend. C:
Have a lovely night!


Thera Joyce said...

I LOVE buttons! They are my addiction!

AllieBee said...

Me too! I sew or glue them to everything. :)

Sonya Zombiee said...

Ah, such cute things!
I think my favorite is a tie between the gnome and the vintage luggage. Mhmm. :)

peppermint*tea said...

those thermos are so cute! :D

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