Monday, June 14, 2010

Etsy Lovelies ❤

1.  This tote from Peavelovenpolkadots is perfect!  In fact, all of their totes are.  Check them out!

2.  Marisolspoon has the loveliest paintings up in her shop.  I would love to have one hanging in my home someday! *hinthint, darling.* C:
3.  I've been obsessed with gardening items lately, and this little owlie planter from Fruitflypie is right up my alley!  She also has some adorable cupcake trinket boxes in her shop, as well.

4.  These prettypretty crocheted daisies from Shina!  She has some super-cute crocheted items in her shop.

5.  I've been slightly obsessed with weddings lately.  When I saw these adorable owl caketoppers from Skunkboy Creatures, I knew right then that someday I must have them! C:

And that's all for tonight.  I haven't been feeling too well, so it's time to curl up in bed.  Have a lovely night, everyone!


Ashley said...

I love your new header! It totally fits with your blog!

Thera Joyce said...

Love the cake toppers. So cute!

Sandra Valerie said...

i want this bag O.O but i am broke ..-.-

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Hi, Allie!! New follower here! I found you over at Summer's, so glad I did!! I love it here :)

I am obsessed with weddings all the time and owls all the time! And you put them together and it makes magic!! I adore that little owl couple :)

peppermint*tea said...

omg those little owls are so darling ^^

Anonymous said...

D'aww, the daisies are very sweet :)

AllieBee said...

Ashley: Thank youuu! ❤

Thera: They are! I'd love to adorn my someday-wedding cake with those little owlies.

Sandra Valerie: Oh, I know the feeling. I also have too many bags, already. I don't need to add to the collection!

Julie (brown eyed belle): Hello, and welcome! It's so nice to meet you! C:
Meee too! Although, I hadn't thought of combining the two for my own. But now that I've found those cake-toppers...oh yes!

Peppermint*Tea: She did such a wonderful job with them, didn't she? C:

The Cookie Button: They are! I'd love to be able to make such things. Can you crochet? I'm excited to being learning how to.

Thanks, ladies for all of your lovely comments!
xoxo, Allie.

Emmy said...

I love that tote as well. I went through a long phase a while back where totes were all I would carry around with me =)

Anonymous said...

@AllieBee - I have just started to learn the basics of crochet and last week I made a crochet headband :) It really isn't that hard once you get the hang of it x

AllieBee said...

Emmy: Haha, I'm still in that phase!

Cookie Button: I can't wait to start learning to crochet! I've also heard that it isn't hard once you get it. It's funny, my little brother had to take a home economics class in high school, and he learned to crochet! C:
I'd love to see your headband!

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