Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Things Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I'm back for my '7 Things' post!
Yes, I am late once again.  (I'm so terrible! :/)  But this time it's really not my fault!
Blogger was having issues for me yesterday and wouldn't let me post or comment at all.  Was anyone else having this issue?

Anyway, I'm here now, and can give you 7 delightful things to start the week with. C:

1. Taking bike rides with my darling. ❤  (I've already used this picture, but oh well.  I love it.)

2.  This Ikea bedding is perfect!  I want it so badly!

3.  I saw these wedding photographs last night on Ruffled.  They're so beautiful.  I would love to have so many bright, cheerful colours used in my wedding.  I could dream about it all day. C:

4.  Pretty flowers left on pillows.

5.  Oh, how I wish I were wearing this dress from ModCloth!

6.  Brooch bouquets, also found on Ruffled.  I would love to carry one of these down the aisle someday.  They're so pretty!  (I've been watching too many episodes of 'Bridezillas' and 'My Fair Wedding', as you can tell. C:)

7.  This preeetty tattoo, found on WeIt.

That's all for now!  Hope you're all having a lovely Monday.


Ashley said...

that bedding is so cute!

Thera Joyce said...

That dress is cute! Love it!

AllieBee said...

Indeed! They're both adorable! C:

Anonymous said...

The bedding and dress are to die for, love them!

peppermint*tea said...

everything in this post is wonderful :)

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