Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You're All Grown Up Now

My little brother's high school graduation was Saturday!
It's weird to think that he's now out of high school!  I still picture the little boy who used to hide under my bed to scare me.  :)
I have so much confidence in him, though.  He's such a smart kid, with a level head on his shoulders.  I can gladly say he's unlike the kids he graduated with. He has so many goals and aspirations, and I know he'll achieve every last one of them.  I'm so proud of the young man that he has become.

In the past few years we've become so much closer.  I truly couldn't ask for a more wonderful little brother.

No matter where life takes you, I know you will succeed.  You've grown into a truly remarkable young man.  I couldn't be more proud of you!
I'll always worry like crazy about you...because, well, that's what sisters do.  The past 18 years have been the best, even though we spent about 16 of those years purposefully annoying each other.  :)  But I wouldn't have it any other way.
I'll always look out for you, and you know I'm always here whenever you may need me.
You're the greatest!  Get out there and put out some fires.  C:

Love you always,

This boy is always here for you, too.  Always. :)

Congratulations, Tyler!

I'll be back later today with some loverly Etsy finds!


peppermint*tea said...

lovely blog!

i just graduated from high school also.
it feels weird lol

AllieBee said...

Thank you!

And congratulations on graduating! It's awfully exciting!


Emmy said...

oh boy, do i know this feeling. i'm the oldest of 6. its so strange when they grow up on you!

i'm new to following your blog, and i just wanted to drop in and say hello =)

AllieBee said...

It is strange, isn't it? I'm still not used to the fact that he can drive! Haha! :)

And thank you for following my little blog! I'm following yours, as well! ^_^


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