Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lovely Etsy Finds!

I'm back with some of my favourite Etsy finds throughout the week!

This dress by KnottySister's!  I love the colour combination and shape!

This cute card from TwoGuitars!  They have some super cute cards and notebooks in their shop. ^_^

This lovely pillow from Janesays.  It reads 'I'll Grow On You.'  I'd just love to adorn my couch with this pillow.

This cute little owl family found in VintageHomeRecycled's shop!  They're so wonderfully 70's...I wish I had them to hang in my kitchen. :)

This Matryoshka fabric, from BeautifulWork, is absolutely perfect!  I've been contemplating a Matryoshka doll tattoo when I have my first baby, and everytime I see an adorable one it makes me want it even more! ❤

Enjoy! ^_^


Green Pickles said...

Wow what beautiful etsy finds!
Lovely blog too!

Hence72 said...

hi, pleased to meet you

loving your blog

come pay a visit sometime

Thera Joyce said...

Those owls are so cute. :)

AllieBee said...

Green Pickles: Thank you very much! Your blog is quite lovely, as well! ^_^

Hence72: Nice to meet you! And thank you! I will definitely stop by and check out your blog. C:

Thera: Aren't they? Vintage owls are perfect! :)

xoxo, Allie.

Anonymous said...

Owls = fab!

AllieBee said...

Cookie Button: I knowww! ^_^

Anonymous said...

great finds! i absolutely adore etsy, it's so easy to spend hours & hours just browsing around on there!

AllieBee said...

Uglybird: Oh, I know! There are so many cute finds on there!

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