Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacups + Rings

I loveee this ring!  Aren't teacup rings adorable?  I wish to have a full collection of them someday. C:
The Lovely Teaspoon, who made this teacup ring, also has the cutest toaster ring. ^_^
I love browsing Etsy for quirky handmade jewelry.  What are some of your favourite Etsy jewelry finds?

Also, don't forget that I will be picking the winner of my giveaway tomorrow!  There's still plenty of time to enter.  C:

My darling is almost here, so I'll be back tomorrow.
Have a splendid Thursday night, everyone!


Thera Joyce said...

cute ring. I love the little spoon on the saucer. hehe

Kim-Anh NGUYEN said...

just so cute! i love the toaster ring too :p

Anonymous said...

D'aww, sweet ring!

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