Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Giveaway Update!

Hello, all!  I'm back for a little update on my giveaway! :) 
I had stated in my giveaway post that I will be drawing the winner on Sunday, May 23rd.  It completely slipped my mind that my brother's high school graduation is Saturday, May 22nd. (Oops!)  So, due to this weekend's festivities, I am going to announce the winner on Friday, May 21st instead!
There are still 2 days left!  If you would like to enter to win my little owls, you can do so here! C:

There have also been some awfully frightening storms here in Oklahoma lately.  Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes happen every year here, and I can never get used to it!

Hope everyone's had a lovely Wednesday!


Thera Joyce said...

Aww..I know how you feel about the storms. I moved to St Louis about a year and a half ago, and they scare me still. I'm originally from Phoenix, so this is all new to me. It hardly even rains there. My Dad is from Lawton, Oklahoma. I haven't been there in forever. My Aunts and Uncle still live there. :)

Ashley said...

I love storms especially warm summer storms! I love it when the wind blows so hard it feels like it is going to knock you over! Beautiful!

AllieBee said...

Thera: It's frightening, isn't it? I've lived here since I was 4, and I still can't get adjusted to the storms each Spring/Summer. Well, the storms themselves are fun, but when they're accompanied with tornadoes (which practically every storm here is), not so much. I hope you don't have tornadoes in St. Louis like we do here!

Ashley: Haha, there are too many tornadoes with these storms, though! I spent close to an hour in the storm cellar today! :/


Anonymous said...

I love these photos!

AllieBee said...

Cookie Button: Thank you so much! :)

❤ Allie

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