Monday, May 17, 2010

7 Things Sunday!

Okay, so I'm a little late on this post, and now it's Monday.  I was spending the day with my Sean though, as he will be away until Thursday. :(
But anyway, for my '7 Things Sunday' debut, here are 7 little things that strike my fancy:

1.  Lovely antique store finds.

2.  The wallpaper on the walls in this photo. ^
(photo found on WeIt.)
3.  This fabric from Ikea. So cute!

4.  StormTroopers named Mike. C:

5.  Daria was such an awesome show.
(photo found on WeIt.)

6.  Frightening wax figures of Dracula and Leatherface!!!

7.  This boy. ^ He still puts butterflies in my tummy to this day.

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Have a delightful day, everyone! ❤


Thera Joyce said...

Love the Ikea fabric. So cute. And of course, the wax figures of Dracula and Leatherface. I love horror flicks!

Anonymous said...

Adore the owl clock :)
I will also be adding your button right this minute as I really like your blog!

Silvia Couture said...

great owl clock and vintage finds!

AllieBee said...

Thank you, ladies!
I love horror flicks, too!

And Cookie Button, I will add your button right now, as well! ^_^

jo_annie said...

I absolutely LOVE that owl clock!!! cute blog!

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