Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little About Me

First off, I would like to say welcome to all of my new readers! :)

Since my last post touched on the lovely fellow that is my boyfriend, I thought it would be fun to do an "about me" post.  I love reading these posts and learning about the person behind my favourite blogs.  So, I figure why not?

To start....
Hi! my name is Allison, but everyone calls me Allie!
I'm 20 years old!  I'm originally from Texas, and currently live in Oklahoma.  (And hoping to move back to Texas veeery soon. C:)

If you read my previous posts, you know that I have a boyfriend named Sean.  He's the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world. ^_^  We like to do nerdy things together.

I also have the coolest little brother.  He's almost 18, and one of the most outstanding guys I know.

I have three cats whom I adore.  This guy is Harold Houdini, named so because he disappeared on us for a while.  I also have Cupcake and Norman Bates.  Cupcake is the sweetest kitten, and Norman is, well...mean...but lovable anyway.  C:

I love to sew, scrapbook, decorate, revamp furniture, take photos, and paint ceramics.  I love to be creative in any way I can be.  I'm currently learning to embroider and do plastic canvas.  Someday I plan to learn to knit and crochet.

And for a few more fun things:
I love bright colours.
The only t.v. show I keep up with is 'Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood'. C:
I love to watch basketball.  My team was the Seattle Sonics.  They're now the Oklahoma City Thunder, but I love them just the same.
My favourite movie is Edward Scissorhands.
I am absolutely fascinated with the Titanic.
I love to be silly and play.
My favourite colours are yellow, pink, and aqua!
I could live off of ice cream and french fries. Yum!

And that's all for now!
If you're new to the blogging world, or haven't done a post like this yet, I challenge you to!  And post the link here, I'd love to learn more about you all! :)


Thera Joyce said...

Cool post Allie. I love Edward Scissorhands too. I have it on DVD. :)

Emmy said...

i love titanic! haha, there is an exhibit not too far from where i live where they have reconstructed a life size model of the ship and i am currently trying to persuade my boyfriend into taking me.

maybe you would like to do the same:

AllieBee said...

Thera: Thanks! Ahh, me too! It's one of the few dvds I actually own. C:

Emmy: That is marvelous! There's one in Branson, MO that's mucho closer to where I live, and I've been wanting to visit it forever. But I had no idea there was one in Tennessee! I do believe I shall go to both. C:

Meggs said...

hello, I came across your blog...def will be coming back to read, very cute! :D

AllieBee said...

Meggs: Hey, thanks! C:

Ashley said...

there is a new titanic museum near me and I am dying to go!

Oh ha didn't see those comments...

it's in pigeon forge...

I guess I'm late to the party

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