Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hello, all!  I'm quite excited to be starting 'Of All The Nonsense' back up again. Some of you probably think I'm rather odd for switching blogs like I do, but that's okay...maybe I am. :)
'Of All The Nonsense' was my original blog, and for no reason other than pure boredom I started over with 'Little Bird'.  While I loved every second of blogging on 'Little Bird', I'm at a completely different point in my life now than I was when I started it.  And when things in my life drastically change, I always feel the need to overhaul everything.  (Unfortunately, that also affects my blogs, making them a bit puzzling. C:)  So, from now on I have decided to use 'Little Bird' as a day-to-day blog just for me, to record my life as it is, maybe for my children to someday read. :)  And 'Of All The Nonsense' will become my social blog!  I've got a few plans in mind for 'Of All The Nonsense' that I'm quite excited about, like giveaways, personal photography, a '7 Things Sunday!', book/music/movie reviews, wonderful crafty things, and possibly an Etsy over the summer!
So look forward to wonderful things to come from this little blog. :)


Lu said...

Uhh. sounds great! :) Beautiful layout and great colors that you've used for this blog, I like it. :) And thank you for following my blog. :) I will add your widget to mine. :)

Aya Smith said...

Congrats on starting back up again! The look of your blog is adorable, I can't wait to see future posts! :)

AllieBee said...

Lu: Thank you so much! ^_^ I certainly appreciate your support! I shall add your widget to mine as well, as soon as I get that section up!

Aya: Thank you for such kind words! I'm excited to really get into this blog. I'm hoping to have a ton of fun and interesting things to come! :)

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