Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here's To December.

Me, oh my this post is two weeks late.  I guess that's what Dead Week and Finals Week will do to you.  Please excuse me, dear friends.

Goodbye, November.  You were calm and lovely and still.  I grew another year older and another year brighter.  Someone entered my life within your days, and left it almost as quickly it seems.  I slowed down and hung on as you gave way to December.  Goodbye, November, until next year.

Hello, December.  Hello blissfully cold days, no homework, and of course, Christmas.  Hello New Year, happy people, a sea of yarn scattered around me, and the smell of mint chocolate.  If I'm lucky, hello to San Antonio.  Here's to you, December, and all that you bring.

Happy Holidays, dear friends.
xo, A.

P.S. I wrote a tutorial for the elf mitten ornament in the photo above, and you can find it here!

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