Friday, June 15, 2012

Quiet Evenings

It's been quiet around here lately.  Every evening of mine seems to fly by faster and faster, completely drowned out by studying and crocheting, crocheting and studying.  And soon I will find out if either will pay off.

Tomorrow I have big plans of buying myself a new camera.  I've been saving up for months, dreaming about it for even longer.  My heart is full at the thought that it will finally be mine.  I feel silly...I mean, it's just a camera, after all...but I've been aching over a new one for quite a long time.  It's always the most wonderful feeling when you can finally grasp something you've been working so hard for, no matter how small or large the item or dream might be, isn't it?

The photos above are almost a couple of months old, I believe...taken before I chopped all of my hair off.  Perhaps I can share a few photos of my new hair taken with my new camera... :]
Happy weekend, dear friends!
xo, A.

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