Friday, June 8, 2012

May through Instagram
1.  We watched a Thunder game from Thunder Alley. // 2.  I got two new-to-me cameras, a Kodak Pony and a Bell & Howell/Canon Canonet. // 3.  I took walks around a pretty pond... // 4.  And chopped my hair off. //  5.  My grandfather gave me his Nikon FE from the early 80's.  I'm in love. // 6.  Old photographs. // 7.  A mid-century dresser found a garage sale for only $25. // 8.  We watched slides from the fifties and sixties that my grandfather took with his Kodak Retina IIa.

After a break that lasted much longer than I ever intended, I've returned to my favorite little corner of the world - completely refreshed and refocused.  And also under a new name, as some of you may have noticed!
Many important things in my life have drastically changed since I went on my break, and I felt as though the time had come to move on in many aspects of my life, including my blog since it's where I write and ramble most often.  When I felt ready to return, I decided to pick up the pieces of my life before that were documented here and start over.  I'm not deleting the old posts, because they are part of what got me to the place I'm in today...but I have let them go.  I chose the name Sleepy Northwest based on two tiny questions I asked myself one night...what I am, and where I want to be.

Before I decided to return to my blog, I thought about my blog.  Really thought about it.  And I wasn't happy.  I realized that I didn't enjoy my method of posting.  It felt forced.  I thought about what I wanted my blog to be, and I thought about the blogs that most inspire me.  I decided I needed to make a change here.
I want to share more of my life through my photographs with you.  I want to have more adventures to share here, and I want to tell more stories.  I can't keep up with sponsors, truth be told.  And that's not fair to you.  So I've decided to do away with them.  I'm also no good at outfit photos, because fashion isn't much my motivation for this worn-in diary of mine.  So out those go, too.
I wasn't feeling it anymore, because I was forcing myself to do things that simply aren't me.  I tried them, but I can't keep up with them.

But enough with my rambling.  Welcome to Sleepy Northwest, friends!
xo, A.

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