Thursday, December 1, 2011

On My Birthday //

(photos by Sean)
On my birthday, Sean and I took a trip to Theta Pond at Oklahoma State University for a little photo taking.  Early that morning, Sean surprised me with a disposable camera so I could take a few film photos of my day, and we brought along the digital camera, as well.  I wore one of my favorite dresses, and my sweater was a birthday present from Sean.  (I just love it so much.  It's so warm and cozy!)  We took quite a number of photos, so this is only part of them.  I'll share the rest in another post soon.

I managed to conquer two of my small fears while snapping these photos.  One, being in front of a camera.  I truly am no good at having my photo taken.  I freeze up and pose in an overly-awkward manner.  I'm also not comfortable with my smile, so I end up with these odd half-smiles on my face.  And two, being in front of a camera in public.  Especially on a college campus, around others my age.  I am one of the most nervous, socially-awkward people you'd probably ever meet, and even the thought of snapping photos in front of others makes my stomach do somersaults.  But, I did it.  I overcame two minor fears, and it made my birthday that much better.
We spent the rest of the day browsing thrift shops and a giant antique mall, then my parents took me out for a lovely birthday dinner.  It was a wonderful, simple birthday.
xo, A.

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