Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here's To December

November through Instagram.

Goodbye, November.  You were magical, sweet, and full of love.  You brought about more changes - some good, and some bad - but necessary, nevertheless.  Within you I celebrated Thanksgiving with my wonderful family, and my 22nd birthday a few days later.  I finally made the decision to push forward with a small dream of mine because of you, Novmeber.  You made the weather grow colder, and my heart warmer.  I reconnected with special people I hadn't spoken to in far too long.  You had your downs, November...but overall, you were as enchanting as I had hoped you'd be.

Hello, December.  You're one of the most bewitching months, in my opinion.  Here's to finding more love throughout the holiday season, much colder days and even colder nights, the blankets of snow that may not find their way to us just yet,  and redecorating to match our moods.  Christmastime and holiday songs.  Warm food and mint-chocolate hot cocoa.  Dressing to feel pretty, crocheting gifts for loved ones, and keeping in touch.  I hope I'm able to send out Christmas cards.  Twinkle lights in white and pale blue, gifts wrapped with love, and ornaments dated to the year hung high on the tree.  I love the holidays ever-so much.  Here's to you, December.
xo, A.

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