Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 19th Birthday.

Today is my little brother's 19th birthday.  I've been spending the day with him and my family, eating yummy veggie burgers and watching fun movies.
It's so hard for me to believe that he's 19.  He's grown up so much.

Happy birthday, Tyler!  Here's to the last year of your teenage years!  I hope your birthday has been everything that you wanted it to be.  I love you!

xoxo, Allie.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your brother! I'm surprised he's only just turning 19, he looks older. Anyway, I'm glad you all had such a nice day.

Cristine said...

He does look way older! But Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to your brother!! xx

Collins said...

aww...happy birthday to your brother!

Allie said...

Thank you ladies for your birthday wishes for him! He had a wonderful day!

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