Sunday, July 24, 2011

7 Things Sunday!

1.  I'm still completely stuck on the Harry Potter theme this week, and I'm loving this bookmark tutorial from Lion Brand! <3

2.  Oh my goodness, this dress from Revolving Styles is so pretty.

3.  Aren't these rose stacking rings from Sophinegiam the cutest??

4.  Eep! An Airstream pillow!

5. I need these cups.

6.  Sigh.  This dress from ModCloth is gorgeous!

 7.  And one more dress - this one from TopShop.  It's perfect!

There you have it!  Seven things that have my heart this week.
Have a great Sunday, dearlies!
xo, A.


Anonymous said...

Oh my i love that ring!

Natalia said...

I love these posts! Keep up the awesome blogging :)

Anonymous said...

The ring is such a darling little thing <3

Dress Rings said...

Thanks for sharing it , I really enjoyed admiring it.I love the design.Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Sigh... I am swooning over all these dresses! Perhaps I should start saving my pennies for fall clothes shopping... ;) Lovely items! I hope this Monday finds you well!

Amylou said...

Yay Potter! I'm on book six now!
And those red and white dresses are timeless! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that airstream pillow :D

Allie said...

Kate: They're so pretty, aren't?!

Natalia: Thank you, dear!

The Cookie Button: Goodness, I know!

Dress Rings: You're very welcome!

Hazel and Mare: I'm starting to save my pennies, too. There are too many lovely things I want for fall!

Amylou: I'm so behind on the books. (Bad fan, I know!)

Miss Makes-a-lot: It's perfect!

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