Sunday, July 3, 2011

7 Things Sunday! Pt. 1

Happy 4th of July weekend, dearies!  I hope you're having fun so far!  My fun doesn't start until tomorrow, when my family comes down from Oklahoma.  I bought my dad tickets to a Texas Rangers (his favorite baseball team) game, and my brother is going with him.  So it's going to be just my mother and I celebrating the 4th, and I couldn't be more excited!
This week, I'm going to have two '7 Things Sunday' posts, since I missed last week due to moving.  I didn't want to overwhelm one post with 14 things, so I've decided to break them up.  This is part one (obviously), and part two will follow later today!
On with my first 7 favorite things this week!

1. My little kitty. He melts my heart everyday.

 2.  This dress from ModCloth is so dreamy!!!

3.  Eep!  This plush kitty is so cute!  From Marjji.

4.  This is one cute embroidery!  From Clever Apple.

5.  A fox on a bicycle!  From The Black Sheep Studio.

6.  I'm still learning how to crochet.  I can hardly wait until I can crochet something as pretty as this.

7. I found just the perfect spot for the pretty stitched picture on our walls.

I'll be back later with a 4th of July themed '7 Things'!
Until then, happy Sunday!
Love, A.


Kyla said...

Great post!! I especially love that modcloth dress, it's so pretty! :)

Out on a limb said...

That is a very pretty blanket.
Keep on practicing and you'll be crocheting up a storm in no time at all!

Claire Kiefer said...

Such a sweet embroidery. I love it. I have to be very careful browsing Etsy or else I'll want to buy everything!

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