Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Interview with House Of Humble

Hello, lovelies!  I have something new to share with you here on OATN - interviews!  I'm incredible excited for this feature.  I've always felt like interviews were such a great way to get to better know my favorite bloggers.  Recently, I was able to interview Katie and Reuben of House Of Humble.  They're an adorable couple who blog about thrifted finds, crafts, and living simply.  Welcome, Katie and Reuben!

Tell us a bit about yourselves.
We're a twenty-something couple from Sydney, Australia. We like We like crafty thing making, yummy thing baking and picture taking. We also like thrifting, listening to nice music and building blanket forts.

How long have you been blogging, and what made you start?
We have only been blogging since April! We can't quite believe how quickly our blog is growing and how warmly people have welcomed us into the online community. Bloggers are so nice! We began our blog as an outlet for our creativity, as well as a way of journaling our lives and celebrating the little things that make us happy.

I love that your blog is shared between the two of you.  What's the must fun aspect of sharing a blog with your significant other?
There are so many good things about sharing House of Humble as a joint project. We love having each other to bounce ideas around with and we love that the blog gives us shared goals. Also, outside of the online community a lot of people still don't really understand blogging, so it's really nice to have someone in real life who "gets" it. Plus, it gives us an excuse to do fun things and take pictures. We like that!

You're both quite thrifty!  What are some of your favorite things to hunt for?  Any secrets to success when thrifting?
Yes, we are quite obsessed with thrifting (in Australia we call call it "op-shopping"). We both really love 50s, 60s and 70s styling so pretty much anything from those eras is gold for us. We are always on the look out for cute, kitschy things to decorate our home and things we can use in our crafty projects, like old linens that can be sewn into something new. Katie is also always on the hunt for vintage dresses and cardigans. The trick to success with thrifting is persistence and imagination. Sometimes you'll get lucky and find things that are obviously wonderful, but other times you have to be a bit cleverer and look for things with potential to be something wonderful.

How would you describe your individual style?
We are both really into craftiness and kitschyness, but Katie likes pretty, cute things whereas Reuben is more about quirky, strange things. If it's floral it's probably going to be a winner for Katie. If it's got a dinosaur on it, it'll have Reuben's vote. If it is handmade or was made in the 60s we'll both go crazy for it!

There are so many delicious recipes on your blog already!  What are some of your favorite dishes to make?
We love making and eating nice food but with our full-time day jobs, blogging and all the regular life stuff that needs to be done, we don't have nearly as much time for food as we'd like. That said, food doesn't have to be fancy or take a lot of preparation to be good. We love doing things like stuffing mushrooms with pesto, topping them with parmesan and grilling them (so quick and so good!) or making our easy peasy goats cheese penne. Keep it simple and use real, fresh ingredients and you can't really go wrong!

Do you have any advice for those who are looking to become vegetarian?
We've been vegetarian for about two and a half years so it's just second nature to us now, but it was tricky in the beginning. Get some great, modern vegetarian cookbooks, be prepared to try new, different things and look out for vegie friendly reasurants in your neighbourhood. We don't talk about it a lot but going vego was one of the best things we ever did.

I know that you both crochet the most adorable things.  How long have you been crocheting?  What's the easiest and hardest part about it? 
We only started to crochet last year! Before that Reubs did a lot of knitting and Katie knew the basics of knitting, but was pretty hopeless at it. We both love crochet because it's so much quicker than knitting. It's so gratifying! The hardest bit is still finding the time for it...

Do you do any crafts other than crochet?
We do when time allows it! We both like to sew (but still have a lot to learn), Reubs is a good drawer and Katie likes making jewellery. If time were not an issue we would both make things all day long.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers looking to get their start?
First and foremost, just be yourself. There are a lot of amazing bloggers doing amazing things out there, but you are the only you. If you just be yourself you are guaranteed to be original, unique and delightful! Secondly, we believe photographs can make or break a blog. You don't have to be a photographer (we certainly aren't!) but nice pictures will really help. Finally, reach out and support other bloggers. If you support them, they will support you!

Thank you SO much, Katie and Rueben!  You're both the sweetest!
Please do check out their blog here.  You'll fall in love.

I hope you've enjoyed my first interview!
xoxo, Allie.


Anonymous said...

Yay, my two favorite blogs have intersected! You guys are such a sweet and fun couple and I wish you a million pounds of luck with all your creative ventures and your thrifty finds and your fort-building! :)

Katie and Reuben said...

Oh, that's us! Thank you so much for letting us share our little piece of the world with your lovely readers.

Much love, Katie and Reubs x

CheekyPinkTulip said...

Wow, how exciting! Love this interview.

Maria xx

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