Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Mother

My Mother...
I wasn't able to share a post about my mom on Mother's Day, so I thought now would be a good time to tell you about this magnificent lady.
I found these photos of her in my old bedroom close to a year ago.  Growing up, my mother in her teens and twenties was a complete mystery to me.  I had only ever seen a few photos of her when she was younger in my grandparents' house.  So, you can imagine the joy I felt when I found these.  (And I hope that she doesn't mind that I kept a few of them. :) )
My mother...
It still amazes me how alike we are.  I had always thought I looked more like my father growing up, but after seeing old photos of her, I realize that I'm almost exactly like her.
And I am proud to say that, because my mother is a wonderful lady, and the best mother a girl could ask for. <333
xo, Allie.


(Also, a gracious blog reader let me know that my images are showing up as lines for her.  If there is anyone else having this problem with my images, please do let me know.  I'm working hard to get it fixed!  Thank you!!!)


Amylou said...

She is beautiful!

p.s. I left you a reply to your question on the other post.

Lu said...

Ahhh, awesome photos! :) I love old polaroids! :=)

Sparrow Legs said...

Beautiful photos, your so lucky to have found these pictures! x


Out on a limb said...

You look very much like her.


Zoe said...

These are so lovely :) some of them have been showing up as lines for me but these are great!

Zoe xx
Life of a Vegetarian Girl

Tori said...

This is such a gorgeous post :) What wonderful pictures. xxx

katrina said...

your mom's beautiful, allie! (and i love these square pics!)

Allie said...

Amylou: Thank you! :) Also, I *think* I've fixed the problem, but I'm not sure. Are my images still not showing up correctly?

Lu: Me too! I wish that my mother still had the camera these were taken with!

Sparrow Legs: I sure am! :)

Out on a limb.: I know! I never used to think I did, until I found these photos.

Zoe: Thank you so much! (And I hope I've fixed the problem with the lines...)

Tori: Aw, you're too sweet!

Katrina: Thank you! ^_^ Prettiest lady I know! The square photos are also too cute!

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