Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I dont.  I recently fell in love with a pair of overall shorts from Target.  They truly are so cute, and remind me of being a little kid again.  I bought them, knowing well that I'm completely insecure in shorts.  I have never worn any shorts other than basketball shorts out in public, mind you.  I thought "Oh, I'll tone my legs up, get a little sun on them, I'll be fiiine!"  I attempted to wear them today, and for the short amount of time that I had them on, I was constantly tugging at the bottom of them to make them longer.
I felt so silly, though!  I see so many of you pretty ladies pulling off shorts so well, and I want to try so badly.  But once I get them on, I feel naked.
So this post is dedicated to one of my biggest insecurities, my legs.  And my desire to let them be free.  By wearing shorts.

We'll see if I'm ever brave enough. :)
What are your biggest insecurities?  Have you ever tried to overcome them?
xo, A.


Jamie said...

I'm the exact same way! I saw those very same overall shorts. I ALMOST bought them, then stopped myself because I'm crazy insecure about my thighs. =[

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Ah...shorts...I'm a woman over a certain age so I now have horrid knees! I leave this fashion item to my 2 gorgeous daughter's and Son(-;

Out on a limb said...

I have been trying to come out of my shell and show my arms a little more.
I'm never liked how my body looks, but it's time to forget the magazine covers and embrace my shape.

CAPow! said...

I've NEVER felt comfortable in short shorts....maybe I need to give them another try?

Anonymous said...

i looove short shorts. but i'm a rugby player who has scarred legs so wearing short shorts is tough.

Allie said...

Jamie: I actually broke out of my shell and wore them the other day! They stretched out a bit after I had them on for a while, and the length wasn't so bad!

Sugarplum Kawaii: Aw, I'm sure you could pull off shorts better than I can!

Out on a limb: I couldn't agree more! We shouldn't worry about the girls in the media, there's so much more beauty in the world. Good for you!

CAPow!: I actually wore them the other day, and it wasn't that bad once I got used to it! I felt a little bare at first, but then I realized how nice free legs felt!

Juhee: But being a rugby player, I bet you've got the toned legs for it!

Ali Marcum said...

i'm the same exact way, i just don't feel comfortable in shorts! i always think girls look great but when i try them on i just feel like you can see EVERYTHING, haha.

Teddi said...

that outfit on the bottom pic rocks! brave of u 2 share. one of my insecurities is i don't like to leave my house without lipstick.

Anonymous said...

have you considered wearing opaque tights with short shorts? i've seen several women sporting the look and it's really cute!

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