Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here Comes The Sun/One Day Without Shoes

Here's my little One Day Without Shoes video.  I unfortunately didn't have as many magical barefoot moments as I had hoped, since I spent the majority of the day in a car driving home to Texas.  And I only had one person ask me why I was barefoot...the rest just shot me odd glances.  All in all, it was an eye-opening experience, being barefoot all day.  My little feet hurt from walking on gravel, and burned when I stepped on the hot pavement.  I wish I could give a pair of shoes to every person without, so they wouldn't have aching feet everyday.

Did you take part in One Day Without Shoes?  If you did, I would love to hear your stories.
xoxo, A.


Marthaamay O_o said...

You are brave and lovely to think of others.

Anonymous said...

Cute little video! I'm glad the sun is finally out too. Thanks for sharing your 'Day without Shoes' experience....

Allie said...

Marthaamay: Thank you, sweet lady!

hellosweetworld: Well thank you for watching my little video! :)

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