Monday, March 21, 2011

Strawberry Nails.

Last night, I decided to try out this mini tutorial on Blargle Fargle's blog.  It was quite funny, because I'm horrible at painting with my left hand, so my right hand had smudges everywhere, and I kept smudging both pinkies.  With much patience, I eventually got it right, and I think they turned out quite cute. (Although they're still a bit smudged.)
Strawberry Nails...

Last night was also a bit of a downer.  We came home and noticed that the little gnome I had sitting outside our front door had been broken.  Both of his little feet, broken clean off.  I know it wasn't like that when we left, and I can't fathom why someone would come upstairs by our apartment and break it.  It breaks my heart how indecent people can be.

What else have I been up to?
-I've started listening to Band Of Horses, and I am in love!
-We found a cute, 60's style laundromat last night.  It's so cute, I was actually excited to wash the towels, hah!
-We've also been busy converting the living room into my new sewing room.  We never use the living room, so we figured why not?  I'll have more space and more natural light!
-I've been searching for healthy, yummy dinner recipes that contain no meat.  It's actually quite hard for me to find something that Sean and I will both like, especially since he eats meat.  If you have any favorites, I'd love if you shared them with me!

Happy Monday!
xoxo, Allie.


Marthaamay O_o said...

Tasty looking nails!

We eat no meat at home, I am a meat not minder and my boyfriend is Vegetarian. We use substitutes for meat like Quorn all the time, but sometimes, we like to have fried peppers in olive oil with some hot chillies and aubergine or courgette, wrapped in a wholemeal wrap with grated cheese. It's more like a Saturday late lunch option, but if you pop in some quorn mince with the above and cook up a tomatoey sauce to mix, then you have an easy meal that is great for using up left overs.

Failing that, mexican food is ALWAYS a winner! You don't even notice that there is no meat in the dishes as there is so much to chomp away on!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I think you have done a super duper job :)

Rai said...

<3 brilliant! your nails are super cute. Thanks for linking me c: x

Jess said...

Love love love your nails! So cute! :)

Out on a limb said...

Those are excellent!
I JUST made a mini strawberry craft roundup last night. This cannot be a coincidence...

Out on a limb said...

I'm sorry about your little gnome friend too.
I always wanted a gnome cookie jar and I know I would feel pretty down if somebody broke it...

Clairejustine said...

great nails :)

Zoe said...

These are so so cute!! Any more tutorials to make your nails look like fruit? I LOVE pretty nails.

I post things I've made on my blog:

All Vegetarian Recipes! I am hoping to post more soon, but I love comforting food and asian food! Hope you like some of them :) xx

Sandy a la Mode said...

hehe yummy!! these are soo fun!!

Allie said...

Marthaamay: Thanks for sharing that little recipe! My boyfriend loves peppers and the like, so I think he'd really like that! :)

The Cookie Button: Thank you! <3

Rai: Not a problem, lady! Thanks for sharing first!

Jess: Why, thank you! :)

Out On A Limb: That is too funny! I looked through your crafty strawberry round-up, too. You posted so many cute things! And thank you for your condolences. <3

ClaireJustine: Thank you so much!

Zoe: I dunno! But I wish I could find more tutorials for fruit nails! I'll also definitely be checking out your blog. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Sandy a la Mode: <333

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