Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello, 2011.

Happy 2011, dearies!  I hope this year has started off wonderfully for all of you.  It certainly has for me...I couldn't have asked for a more inspiring start to my year.   Lately I've been thinking of all of the goals I want to achieve throughout 2011.  I have so many personal, crafty, and blog goals, and I thought I would share them all with you.  :)

1.  Make the necessary changes for a healthier body, soul, and mind.
2.  Organize my space and time.
3.  Grow more confident in myself and my abilities each day.
4.  Find my happiness.
5.  Move back to Oklahoma, to Seattle, or anywhere that's beautiful.
6.  Use my creativity to its absolute fullest.
7.  Read more books, listen to more music, wear more dresses.

1.  Learn to crochet! (I started on this one last night!)
2.  Create a pretty, inspiring space for all of my projects.
3.  Further develop my sewing, scrapbooking, plastic canvas, and embroidery skills.
4.  Open my Etsy!!!
6.  Take a sewing and crochet class.

1.  Blog for me, not anyone else.
2.  Make as many new friends here as I can.
3.  Attend a blogger meet-up!  (Texas/Oklahoma blogger meet-up, anyone?? :) )
4.  Push back the fear I have of sharing the more personal aspects of my life on my blog.
5.  Develop my photography skills!  I want to have pretty pictures to look back on.  :)

That's it, so far.  I'm sure I'll think of many more.  There's so much that I want to do this year.
What are some of your biggest goals for 2011?
xoxoxo, Allie.


Deer Little Fawn said...

I think this is a great list! Happy 2011 to you! I hope it's a fabulous year for you! :)

Miss Wendy said...
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Miss Wendy said...

Sorry, didn't mean to delete my comment!! Your #1 resolution for your blog makes me happy :)

Breanne said...

Texas/Oklahoma blogger meet up sounds like perfection.
I'm a new follower and I am loving the blog. :)

~Haley~ said...

Love the list!
My biggest goal for the year is to keep track of my accomplishments in this new journal I got for Christmas! I have a lot going on with working full time, having my own business, and then real life... so I hope keeping track makes me more thankful for the stuff I do accomplish :)

A girl with a smile said...

Crochet is my therapy, I love it! and your list :)
I'd like to be your friend, of all the nonsense, haha!

Anonymous said...

All admirable goals! I recently made my list, but I've been so frazzled of late that it seems superficial now. I suppose I want to be more dedicated to my blog and to really dive into it. I've gotten off to a very slow beginning. Also, I've realized that I really need to take more pictures. I'm too easily frustrated.

And, personal opinion: You should move to Asheville, North Carolina. It is beautiful - and then we could have a blogger meet-up!

Vanessa said...

I believe Danielle from SometimesSweet was talking about planning a meetup in AZ. You should totally come! I think it'd be such a blast. :)

lrs said...

i love your lists!!

Isabella Kiss said...

great goal list! I hope you love crocheting. it really is wonderful and therapeutic. I am told that I am rather granny-like for doing it (and knitting) but...i like it!

amylou said...

great goals! Loved you list.

Rylie Renee said...

Oh gosh, your blog is SO cute! :)
xxo, rylie.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Your. Resolutions.

Why aren't we best friends!?!?

Allie said...

Deer LIttle Fawn: Thank you, dear! Hope you have a wonderful 2011, as well! <3

Miss Wendy: Aw, thank you!!!

Breanne: Thanks! I'm seriously thinking about coordinating a T/O blogger meet-up!

~Haley~ I'd love to keep track of everything in a journal! I have a bad habit of forgetting to write in it, though! Good luck, I hope your journal goes well!

A girl with a smile: Thanks, dear! I agree, we should be friends! :)

Sweet T.: Aw, I certainly hope you're able to achieve each of your goals this year. I know how easy it is to become flustered, and let life get in the way of your goals. :(
And I would definitely LOVE to move there! We'd have a blogger meet-up for sure!

Vanessa: If I can make it to AZ, I'll definitely be there!

lrs: Thank ya, ma'am!

Isabella Kiss: Haha, there's nothing wrong with being like a granny! I'm practically an old lady already! :)

amylou: Thanks, lady! :)

Rylie Renee: Aw, thank you so much! <3

Amber Rose: That's a good question! I think we should be best friends. :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

I love all of these goals! Good luck reaching each and every one of them, I know you can do it! I need to sit down and organize all of my thoughts and goals for the next year. It will happen! Haha.

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