Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today I have two photos to share.  Well, 3 actually, since I didn't post yesterday's.
But today's photos are of my soon-to-be cover for my 30-day journal.  I'm really excited about this cover.  My mom is teaching me plastic canvas, and I love it!
Can you tell what this is going to be? (Probably so, haha.)

And here's yesterday's photo...  I spent the day with Sean, so I didn't get around to posting it last night. (I'm so excited, because this week is the last week we'll have to spend apart. C: )
It's a cherry pie magnet I made out of plastic canvas.  I'm so proud of my little magnet. :)  It's the first piece of plastic canvas I've ever completed.  I'm now thinking of making a blueberry, lemon, and cherry pie magnet set, since they're so cute and easy to make. ^_^

But now I'm off to work on my journal, my journal cover, and talk to Sean.  Hopefully I'll have more journal pages to show you all soon.  C:
Have a lovely night!


Rai said...

I j'adore that little magnet! x

bee. said...

wow, those are so cute and really effective (:

Ashley said...

my mom use to work with plastic canvas when I was small. She made us all kinds of barbie furniture with it.

Lo said...

you have such a lovely blog!

Allie said...

Rai: Ah, thank you so much!

bee.: Thank you, ma'am!

Ashley: Haha, I've seen patterns for Barbie furniture. It's really cute, and probably quite a bit cheaper! C:

Lo: Aw, thanks so much! ^_^

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