Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colour My World Saturday!

Happy Saturday!  It's been a busy start to the weekend, but I'm back for Colour My World Saturday!
This week's colour is GREEN
(Which is Sean's favourite colour, by the way. C:)
(Found via WeIt.)
(Found via Modcloth.)

And that's all for now. :)
I'm spending the evening watching 'Bridezillas' with Sean.  I love that show.  C:
I'll be back tomorrow with 7 pretty little things!


Anonymous said...

Green is such a pretty color!
I love that dress in the last picture as well. :)

Thera Joyce said...

I love green. It's so pretty. I love the photo of the car, and those Vans are super cute.

Thera Joyce

Ashley said...

yay! I love your weekly color posts. Green is pretty but the pink one is still my favorite!

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