Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends!  
Today was relaxing, magical, and full of good food.  I take for granted just how blessed I truly am every day.  We're all very lucky people to have bellies full of delicious food and homes that smell like pie.  This time of year gets my mind tumbling and tossing with thoughts, greatly because of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the fact that I turn another year older in between the two (a week from today, in fact!).  It makes me want to hold onto everything that much tighter, because I know all I have to do is close my eyes for a minute, and the next year's holiday season will be here.

I remember when I was young and the years seemed to drag on.  At the start of a new school year, the next summer seemed ages away.  It seemed as though centuries passed in between my birthdays.  But now, it seems like the years fly by with no regard to the fact that I just can't keep up.  The fact that time is so fleeting these days reminds me to bear-hug it and everything around me.

On a side note, I put a plaid tie on Walter, my sweet cat, today...I wanted him to feel as fancy as the rest of us.  He looks like such a dapper little gentleman.

Enjoy your holiday, friends.
xo, A. 

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