Friday, October 28, 2011

Here is home.

 His new home...
His new home...
His new home...
Here are a few snapshots from inside my parents' house...our new, temporary home until we become settled into our own.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the idea to sell a few of my handmade items, and perhaps my new crocheted granny hats (which I have yet to share here, but I'm quite excited over them) here on my blog.  Right now, I'm searching for anything I can do to help get us up on our feet.  Aside from the hunt of office jobs and such, I want to be able to contribute while still creating things that make me happy.
Some of you may be wondering what happened to my Etsy store.  I can tell you that I still have every intention of opening my store.  I feel like such a flake at this point, but because of certain events in September, I was left unable to open it.  Now that we're moving, to another state no less, I want to wait until I'm in a stable position before introducing it to you all.  I just can't open it halfheartedly.
Which brings me back to my idea of opening up a small 'shoppe', of sorts, here on my blog.  All of the things I have made for my shoppe so far have just been sitting, and I feel so terrible for them.  Is this something you all would be interested in?
Of course, I haven't thought out all of the details.  Right now, it's just a small seed of an idea.

xo, A.

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