Sunday, September 4, 2011

7 Things Sunday

This week, I'm loving.....
1. This post about being a lady.

Grannies-gone-wild blanket in progress
2.  This blanket!  I just love the colors.  From Virginia-Blue.

3.  These acorns are so cute for fall!

4.  I'm in love with this personalized suitcase by Oh So Lovely!  (Shared on Skunkboy Creatures.)

5.  Rachel has so many adorable sheets and pillowcases in her shoppe, The Stash. Sigh.

6.  This. Dress.  I adore the colors so much!!! From Reinvintage.

7.  I can't get enough of this outfit!

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day with my mother, thrifting and making a trip to the movies to see The Help.  How are you spending your Labor Day?
xo, A.

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