Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Retro Tuesday!

For this week's Retro Tuesday, I thought I would share my favorite piece of furniture - my mid century hutch. I had been searching for the perfect hutch for months when I found her in an antique mall in Lewisville, TX. She was everything I had been searching for! But once I looked at the price tag, I realized she was only a dream. She was out of our price range. Disappointed, I moseyed on. I tried to forget about how close I was to my dream hutch. Little did I know, Sean had snuck to the front of the store and put the hutch on layaway as an early anniversary present! He found me later and told me that she would be mine, although I would have to wait a few months. I was over the moon! I would finally have my ever-so perfect dream hutch.

We were able to get her a few months later when we moved to our new place. I had originally intended to store my vintage dish collection in her, but since we no longer have a kitchen, she holds my books and yarn. Of course, I was able to set out a few of the vintage dishes I couldn't bare to store.
Surprisingly enough, I haven't named her yet. (I love naming things, in case you couldn't tell! :) ) Any suggestions?

xo, A.


Collins said...

Oh I love it! Wait, how do you not have a kitchen? Is it a loft kind of place?

Amylou said...

What about....Beth Ellen?! She seems like she needs two first names. ;)

Jamie said...

How sweet of him! <3 It is super beautiful. I think her name should be Betty. That's a nice, vintagey, old lady name. =]

Allie said...

Collins: Well, we moved into a loft area in the upstairs portion of my boyfriend's parents' house. So I should have said I don't have a kitchen of my own anymore!

Amylou: Beth Ellen is cute! I agree, she does need two first names!

Jamie: Thank you! And Betty is my grandmother's name! How perfect. :)

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