Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Spectacular Weekend

'Ello, dearies! Did everyone have a wonderful 4th of July weekend? I sure did. I had such a great time with my family. It was nice for them to be able to come down to Texas and see a little more of where I've been living for the past year.
Here's a little peek at my 4th of July outfit. I've had this dress for well over a year, but I rarely ever wear it! I thought the colors were perfect, though. I had my yellow wedges on in the morning, but my feet started to hurt too badly, so off they came! I wish I would have taken a photo of them, though.

I was super excited for my dad and brother, because they were going to the Texas Rangers 4th of July baseball game. I've never really been the biggest baseball fan (my sport is basketball), but it was still fun to see the field. I was lucky to be able to snap a photo of the field from inside the gift shop.
While my dad and brother were at the game, my mom and I went shopping and had dinner at Olive Garden. It was truly wonderful to spend some time with her. We stopped in a thrift store that at first looked a little shady, but oh man, did I find some cute things! (I'll be featuring them later today in 'Retro Tuesday!) Unfortunately though, we lost track of time shopping, and missed the fireworks. :(

I always love when I'm able to spend time with my family. I truly am so blessed to have the family that I do. I'm able to call my mom my best friend, my dad would do anything for me, and my brother is the most awesome kid I know. I never had many friends growing up, but I always felt like that was okay, because I had everything I needed in my family. It's hard not to miss them like crazy living 5 hours away.

I hope your 4th of July was as bright as mine was.
I'll be back later today with Retro Tuesday!
Love, Allie.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a gorgeous weekend, your little dress is so cute!


vanessa said...

i like the dress:) how were you able to add the orangey-yellow effect on your photos?


Kyla said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! My mom and I usually go to Olive Garden too :) Your dress is adorable...I love the print.

Eleanor said...

i love your dress :) xxx


Cara said...

I like your dress and it sounds like a great weekend! :)

Amylou said...

You had an awesome weekend!
I adore that dress!

p.s. I'm stealing your cute button for my blog love page. :)

Allie said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! <3

Vanessa: I use two camera apps for the Iphone - Classic Toy and Instagram. They're wonderful!

Amylou: Oh, thank you! I need to snag your button for my Blog Love page, as well!

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