Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retro Tuesday!

Whoops, this post is up a few minutes late! But I'm here with this week's Retro Tuesday. I thought I would share with you part of my collection of vintage linens!

Vintage linens are one of my favorite things to hunt for.  I can't resist them!  The colors and patterns are always so pretty.  In my experience, thrift stores have the best stock, and the most affordable.  Occasionally though,  I'll find some inexpensive sets in antique stores.
I plan on turning some of these into items for my Etsy shoppe, but some I simply can't part with.  Like the one with the red, blue, and yellow flower, towards the's a tablecloth!  I love it too much.
Do you collect vintage linens?  Where's your favorite place to search for them?
xo, A.


Robots in Trouble said...

hmmm.... vintage linens. that's something you don't hear a lot in the streets or blogger. and here i thought i've read about everything there is! but... you definitely have a good choice. i love the preview of your little collection here :]

-robots in trouble

Amylou said...

Oh they are all so pretty! I do love the pink floral one too!
I have a few vintage ones. I've also gotten them at garage and estate sales very cheap!

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

oh i love these. beautiful!!! xxx

Summer Athena said...

vintage linens are priceless. i just adore them so much.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Pretty patterns! x hivenn

Anonymous said...

I love vintage linens too. I am often hunting around charity shops and other such places for them as the patterns are so lovely :)

Collins said...

i've never bought vintage linens but they are pretty cool. i wouldn't part with those either!

Marthaamay O_o said...

I love the middle one!

There is a shop here in London called The Shop where I love to hunt for all my vintage materials, they sell old curtains as well as laces and linens. Old tea towels and aprons too!

Cutting them up is so hard to do though, the fear of ruining them is too great!

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