Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling Pretty Through Clothes.

I've realized lately just how mundane my wardrobe really is.  While I have a few cute dresses and skirts, I usually fall into the jeans and a solid v-neck rut.  Usually, this doesn't bother me too much.  (I mean, how can you go wrong in a cute pair of jeans and a colorful v-neck?)
But as of late, I've been trying to figure out what my style is, and how to develop it.  The blogging world has really been a great source of inspiration for me in that regard.  I see so many lovely ladies pulling off the clothes that I've been too scared to try, and they do it so well!  It gives me the confidence that maybe I can pull it off, too.
I've grown bored of a t-shirt and jeans.  I want to branch out, wear more skirts and dresses, more vintage clothing, wedges and boots, and pretty bandanas and braids in my hair.
I thought I would share with you a few of the looks I'm in love with right now...

I'm hoping to break out of my shell a bit this summer and wear more daring clothes.  I've been gravitating towards wedges (I've never worn wedges before!), skirts, belts, slouchy tops, peddle shorts, and vintage clothing of all kinds.  Hopefully they will all find their way into my closet as the summer goes by. :)
I've also tossed over the idea of doing outfit photos on occasion, to help me keep from falling back on a t-shirt and jeans.  It's not something I ever thought I would do, but it's certainly always looked fun.

Love, A.


la said...

you need to make sure you wear wedges! they are so comfy and make you feel really glamorous. they are my fav type of heel :) <3 said...

I'm absolutely in love with that first outfit!

I also tend to get into the jeans and t-shirt rut. Boo.

These are all great ideas to mix it up, though!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

I do love the tights and short look...I've been working on finding dress shorts for a while.

Lauren said...

I'm in a re-inventing phase now too! I make a scrapbook from things I like in magazines, but I've never actually done anything with it. So the last few weeks I've been sitting down with it and trawling eBay for some bargains! xx

Anonymous said...

These are such adorable looks! It's hard for me in summertime because it's so hot out and I just want to throw on something comfy that I'll be cool in. I've been trying to wear more sundresses for this reason. There are a lot at H&M that are cute and really cheap! I definitely think you should do outfit photos, that would be so cute!

FashionTeenGirl said...

These are all lovely looks they make me want to go shopping for new clothes and start going through my own wardrobe.

I like your blog Im now following :)


Allie said...

la: I just bought a pair the other day! I'm hoping I can pull them off, because they sure are cute! :) Isn't it cute? I've been wanting to try off the shorts/tights look for a long time. Boo the t-shirt/jeans rut!

Brooke Ann Dove: If you find some, let me know! All I can find are jean shorts. :/

Lauren: That's a good idea! A scrapbook full of looks would be good to take with you into stores and the like, too. I need to make one! :)

HazelandMare: I'll have to look at H&M for dresses. I've been trying to wear more dresses every season...I just hate the way jeans feel sometime. But I always sink back in my rut when I feel uncomfortable! And thank you! I'm really thinking about doing them!

FashionTeenGirl: Me too! I'm aching to start over style-wise! And thank you for following along! It's nice to meet you. :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Yep, looks like you like filmy skirts with striped tops and a bit of colour! I think once you start wearing more dresses, you won't go back. I still love my jeans, but it just doesn't feel the same wearing them!

I think everyone is always trying to figure out their style. I'd be interested to see your outfit pics!

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