Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 Things Sunday!

I was sitting in bed, reading through all of the blogs that I missed this weekend while I was away, when I's Sunday!  I am bound and determined to not stray away from 7 Things Sunday.  So, just in the nick of time, here are my 7 favorite things this week...

1.  I found this tutorial through One Pretty Thing (I just love that site!), and decided that I have to try it.  I went to the Goodwill and picked up a men's denim shirt, and now I'm just waiting for enough time to get started.  I've never sewn clothing before, so I'm hoping this turns out well!

He's mine...
2.  If you remember last week's 7 Things Sunday, I said that I had been hunting high and low for a working typewriter.  Well, the search is over!  This past weekend, Sean and I stopped at a thrift store in Oklahoma City on the way to my parents' house, and there he was.  As if he had been waiting for me all along.  I named him Clark.  :)

 3.  This dress from H&M is divine!  Too bad I can't buy clothes off of their website. :(

4.  I love all of the comics on Cat Versus Human, but this one is especially me.  :)

5.  Oh my goodness, this outfit. <333

6.  The Bridges of Madison County.  I watched this movie for the second time with my mom this weekend, and oh boy does it make me cry!  (Image found through Google.)

7.  This sweet little girl's room found on Design*Sponge.  The roses were individually pasted on the wall from Iphone photos!  So cute. :)

And that's all!  I'll be back tomorrow!
Happy Father's Day, daddies!
xoxo, Allie.


Anonymous said...

Yay, such awesome things! I am so happy you found your typewriter! It has reignited my drive to search for one :) And it's so cute and blue too!

I love that comic, hehe. I would have like 5 cats if my apartment allowed them ;-/ One day!!

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

ah! that dress from H&M is soo cute! perfect for summer:D (if the sun ever comes out over here!!!) xx

Angie said...

What an adorable dress and YAY for finding a typewriter! And that comic is just like Jen and I too, we seriously would adopt every animal up for adoption and every stray if we could!

abby | ybba said...

I love your Sunday picks. The dress from H&M looks perfect to wear for spring and that outfit on the other photo, for fall {: That yellow room is AWESOME!


Zoe said...

The skirt is amazing. May also have to have a go at that skirt, it looks like such a good wardrobe staple and I love refashions!

Zoe xx
Life of a Vegetarian Girl

vanessa said...

i ADORE that floral dress! i wish i had that cute outfit;)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I am in love with the poppy dress ^_^ Such a pretty outfit!
Thanks for sharing :)

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