Friday, May 27, 2011

My dreams came true once again last Saturday, and I saw My Chemical Romance in concert for the second time.  I honestly can never say enough about this band.  I know that their music is not everyone's cup of tea, but each lyric they write and song that they play has a deep, personal meaning.  This greatly appeals to me, because I feel like music has gotten lost, in a sense.  Each one of their albums, while all completely different, have the same message...the world will never get me.  It's perfect.
Here are a few photos from that night, taken with Sean's phone.  Unfortunately, like most venues, cameras weren't allowed in, so these shots are all that we have.  Thank goodness for phones with cameras, right?  Luckily, Sean and I were able to get almost all the way to the front, which is were these were taken.
The evening had it's ups and downs, but all in all, it was perfect.  We stood outside in the heat, humidity, and rain for 3 hours,  and while it was uncomfortable, it was worth it.  My back hurt, people were pushing, shoving, throwing elbows, and I was way too thirsty, but it was worth every second.  It was an inspiring night, to say the least.
And guess what?  They're coming back in September. :)))

xoxo, A.


~Haley~ said...

I saw MCR a few times over the years, mostly at Warped Tour! They have such a great stage presence & while I don't know most of their new stuff, I looooved the old stuff!! Looks like a great night!

Belly B said...

Ah I'm so jealous! I have to see them in Sept!! :)

<3 Belly B

Charlie said...

Amazing! I love them :) I have seen them 3 times and it just gets better every time!!!

Allie said...

~Haley~: I wish I would have seen them when they played Warped! I grew up in Oklahoma, though, and Warped never came through. You should give their new stuff a listen sometime. It's different, but still amazing!

Belly B. Pre-sale for tickets starts today! :)

Charlie: I know! This past time was incredible. They put on such a great show! :)

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