Monday, April 4, 2011

New Eyes

New Specs...
I thought I'd share a photo of my new glasses with you.  I just got them today, and it's taking me some time to adjust to them.  (It's quite nauseating!)  I haven't worn glasses in almost 10 years, and having these will help with sewing and crocheting!  They'll be a fun accessory to wear around. :)
Next on my list is braces, if I'm ever brave enough!

I'll be back tomorrow with a little announcement!
xoxo, A.


Adrienne said...

I adjusted to my glasses like that *snaps fingers* lol

Out on a limb said...

You pulls those off so well!
So cute

Nicole Jeannette said...

Very Cute! I like them a lot and I'm getting some new ones soon!

Allie said...

Adrienne: Hah, I wish I would have! Four days later, and I'm still getting used to them!

Out On A Limb: Thank you! ^_^

Nicole Jeannette: Exciting! There are so many cute pairs out there now!

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