Saturday, April 23, 2011

My First Vlog Ever!

Happy Easter Eve, everyone!  Not long ago, I was browsing Pugly Pixel and saw this post, which made me remember that I never made my own regional dialect video.  So, I present to you, made from the comfort of my comfy first vlog ever! (ahhh!)

I'm still nervous about sharing this video with you all!  I guess it's a bit unnerving for you to be able to put a voice to my face.  I hope you enjoy, though!

Hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend!


la said...

i loved this video! Your voice is so lovely :)
I am now following your blog. its so sweet.
and p.s. i didn't know there was a name for sunshine showers either..

Anonymous said...

Yay, loved this!
I have done one of these to in the past :)

Summer Athena said...

I loved this! I kind of want to do it too! eeek.

But Vlogs scare me!


justine. said...

Your voice is adorable!! I love vlogs <3

Allie said...

la: Aw, thank you!! I'm so glad you're following along now!

The Cookie Button: Thanks, lady! I need to head on over to your blog soon!

Summer Athena: You should do one! I was always suuuper scared to post a vlog, but it's actually kind of fun!

justine: Hey, thanks! :)))

Lauren said...

You're very pretty.

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