Thursday, April 14, 2011

I know many of you have read posts on this same subject before, but I feel as though it's best for me to get it out there, instead of continuing to make my little blog suffer.  I feel as though blogging has lost it's magic, in a sense.  I struggle to come up with new ideas for my blog.  I struggle to get things posted on time.  I feel like it's become a chore, rather than an enjoyment.

I used to run a blog called 'Little Bird'.  I barely had any readers. I was able to write as I wished, and I didn't worry about what people thought.  Now, I feel pressure when I blog.  Pressure!  Is this post creative and interesting enough?  Am I unknowingly copying a post someone else has already done?  How many followers will I lose because I don't feel like blogging this week?  I'm constantly thinking of how to turn even the littlest event into a blog post, instead of simply enjoying it.  I don't blog for myself anymore.

Sometimes I get the urge to shut my blog down, but I know that I would miss it, and the friends I've made here.  And sometimes it's hard not to feel envious of other bloggers, but I'm grateful for everything that I do have.  While Sean and I are in the process of moving, I'm going to take some time to recharge my batteries.  I also plan on taking Red Velvet's Blog Love E-Course, to help me discover my blogging strengths.  Right now, I feel like I do nothing but filler posts.  The past 9 months or so have been an extremely trying time in our lives, due to personal and financial reasons, so I ask that you pardon me and my little blog.  I'm hoping that once we've moved, my inspiration will come back.

xo, Allie.


Marthaamay O_o said...

Have a nice break. Blogging should never be a burden. See you soon!

melanie said...

don't leave. i love your blog!!

prajaline said...

Your blog is lovely, and wonderful! I like it because it seems real! You shouldn't stop, at least I don't think you should!

Circus Daily said...

Hey i here ya...but I wanted to tell you that I'm new to your blog and on first impressions I can already tell I'm going to love it. I go though phases all the time on it parenting, fashion, design...?

I also get a bit frustrated with the lack of followers, which i know is the wrong thing to focus on, but hey, it's out there and I've been stuck on 66 followers for like 2 months...ugh.

BUT...on the flip side. I LOVE it, it's my creative outlet, and for the most part, I very much enjoy blogging and meeting new people. So, enjoy your time off, don't worry about the pressures of blogging, we'll be around when you come back.


The Cookie Button said...

I completely understand, I think each and every one of us bloggers have gone through it. I have quite a few times but sometimes a bit of time away from it can help.
I do hope you come back all refreshed soon :) I really enjoy your blog and would hate for you to go... <3

Caitlin said...

I have no readers and I still feel pressure, like if I write poorly I won't get followers and that means I'm not an acceptable blogger, haha! Never been to your blog beore but it seems lovely. :)

Amylou said...

I can understand the feeling. I feel that pressure. I've forced myself to not care if I loose a follower. Hope you won't give up on blogging. I always enjoy what I read here!

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