Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Garland D.I.Y.

Hi, everyone! I'm here with my very first D.I.Y...a fun Christmas garland using ornaments!  Since I didn't initially plan on posting this, I didn't take pictures of each step.  But it's easy, peasy, pumpkin peasy...I promise!

You will need:
Ornaments.  In any color you like!  I found mine at Goodwill...a pack of 15 for $2!
Alphabet Stickers.  I wanted my garland to say 'Merry Christmas', but you could of course choose any phrase or word you like.
Yarn.  Or string, twine, etc...to hang the ornaments on.

1.  Place the letter stickers on the ornaments.  I initially just stuck the stickers on, but I noticed after a while they started to come off, due to the curvature of the ornament.  So I took the stickers off, and using a paint brush, I laid a coat of clear craft glue on the back of each sticker, then put them back on.
2.  Once you've finished the ornaments, starting with the last letter of your phrase or word, run the yarn through the loop at the top, then loop it back around and through again.  This will hold your ornament in place when it's pulled tight, but also allow you to adjust its placement when loose.  Slide your ornament down, and repeat with each ornament until you're done.
3.  Hang your new garland!

Voila!  A pretty new Christmas garland to adorn your already lovely home.  Easy as pie!
If any of you try this, please do send me pictures!  I'd love to see how yours turn out!
Have a lovely night, dearies.
XO, A.


kristin elena. said...

that is so cute! think i might just have to make one for myself.

Stephanie said...

oh my goodness, I love it!! What a cute idea, i just might try that. Thank for the diy!

Rylie Renee said...

super cute!! :)

Sarah said...

If I had the LEAST bit of creative wherewithal, I'd be making these.

Also! I just made the connection last night how I came to follow you on Twitter. It was because someone (and I don't remember who) was like, "She's got the best blog ever! It's awesome!" so I started following on my Google Reader, and ended up on Twitter. So now I feel better about the fact that I couldn't remember how I came across you. :)

Yazzie♥ said...


What a wonderful blog! I hope you don't mind me joining.. I've already made my home here, haha. ;)

take care,

Itty-Bitty said...

You always have the cutest ideas! If I ever have money I would definitely hire you to decorate my house!

Briana said...

So so so very cute!!! :3

Did you ever get the e-mail with your header design?!?

♥ A. said...

Looks cuuuute. Love the red.

Lane said...

Hey girl,
I'm doing a Christmas card swap at my blog and would love to have you join in :)


Holly Knitlightly said...

ADORABLE!!! I love it, this is so cute!

kristin elena. said...

ok i totally copied this. it was so fun! i'll try to post a couple of photos soon.

April said...

What a great idea! Looks cute!

Pink Lady said...

i wish you a merry christmas!!!
have a beautiful day!
xoxo, pink lady ♥

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