Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've been running Of All The Nonsense for about 4 months, and I'd be lying if I said this blog hasn't become a big part of my life.  I've made so many wonderful friends!  I've also found some of the creativity and motivation that I didn't have before through these little blogs.  Well, I had the idea pop into my head a few days ago that I should start featuring blogs that I find inspiring, as a way to support some of the friends I've made here.
So every month I'll pick a new featured blogger.  I'll post about their blog, and keep their picture in my sidebar.  For one whole month!  Yay!

So, to kick this thing off, I'd like you to meet my very first Featured Blogger!:

Amber Rose!
Her blog, Laughing With Broken Eyes, is one of the most heartfelt I've read.  She talks about her day-to-day life, posts pretty quotes and song lyrics, and takes the loveliest pictures!  On top of all that, her style is just darling!  (And don't you just want her hair!)  Stop by and say hi - she's the sweetest little gal!

xoxo, Allie.


Sonya Zombiee said...

I just found her blog today!
She's so sweet and so adorable, I almost can't stand it. Haha. xD

Amber Rose said...

You made my day. :)

Amber Rose said...

PS: I posted a new blog about you as well! :)

Zabrinah said...

Laughing with Broken Eyes really is very heartfelt! I love it!



Lulu and the Locket said...

loving the love for Amber Rose and love your blog too Allie, it's so great this interlinked/webbed world of blogging! x

Allie said...

Sonya Zombiee: Yay! I'm glad you like her blog! :) She is a dear.

Amber Rose: I'm so glad I could make your day! And I read your sweet! ^_^

Zabrinah: It truly is! :)

Lulu and the Locket: Thank you! Haha, this little blog world is great! I've made tons of new friends I otherwise never would have known!


Holly Knitlightly said...

Amber is SO sweet! I adore her and her blog! :)

The Fashion Moodboard said...

I love amber! :) she's so sweet! And now I discovered your blog! I'm following you now dear! :)

Allie said...

Holly Knitlightly: She is! The sweetest!

The Fashion Moodboard: Yay! That's wonderful! :)

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